Hot Ones Season 11 Hot Sauce Lineup Revealed 1
The Hot Ones Season 11 Hot Sauce Lineup

Sean Evans has revealed the Hot Ones Season 11 Lineup of hot sauces to be featured in the new season of Hot Ones scheduled to begin on Thursday, 6 February.

Unlike last season when Hot Ones featured hot sauces from some of their favourite hot sauce makers from previous Hot Ones seasons, in 2020 they’re bringing some new friends into the Ring of Fire. Sean describes it as “a globetrotting range of spicy flavours designed to keep our celebrity guests sweating through the career spanning deep dive interview that is the Hot Ones experience.”

Below we list all the hot sauces from the upcoming Season 11 of Hot Ones, along with Sean Evans’ comments about each sauce:

Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce

“Leading off it’s The Classic. What more is there to say about The Classic? It’s just good, clean family fun. And here at Hot Ones we’re all about clean, good family fun. Take, for example, the Eric Andre episode: ‘I’m gonna eat out your camera operators.’ Ya hear that… BOYS!”

Cantina Royal Tamaulipeka Hot Sauce

“In the two spot, please welcome to the table Cantina Royal Tamaulipeka. This sauce is made in Brooklyn by a chef from Mexico and to quote Hot Ones alum Johnny Knoxville, it’s muy delicioso, with tropical tamarind, smoky chiles, and a kiss of sweetness. It’s great on chicken, or vegan nugs, if you’re into that sort of thing.”

Fiji Fire Native Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce

“Moving onto the three spot, we hop in the prop plane and head to the south Pacific to scoop up Native Fire Native Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce. I can safely say that this is the first sauce we’ve ever had on the show that features Bongo chilli peppers. It’s also the first sauce that we’ve had on the show that features Fijian turmeric. And it’s also the first sauce we’ve ever had on the show that pays tribute to the Fijian fire walkers. Come with me celebrity guests, fire walk with me down the Hot Ones gauntlet. Don’t be scared.”

Double Take Salsa Co. Scotch Bonnet Mustard Hot Sauce

“Now Spice Lords, you already know how I feel about a mustardy Caribbean hot sauce. Shout out to Pirate’s Lantern from Season Six. And just like that sauce, this one right here has that bright Scotch Bonnet heat and then the tangyness of the mustard to go right along with it. The perfect sauce for clearing the sinuses right before some Explain that ‘Gram anecdotes.”

Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo Hot Sauce

“Los Calientes is back in the five spot, and it’s red. I’m excited to announce Los Calientes Rojo. A super charged remix of the original with an extra handful of habaneros, citrus, and spice to crank things up a bit.”

Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Hot Thai Green Hot Sauce

“From the shores of SoCal to south-east Asia, number six brings us to Seed Ranch Hot Thai Green. (Sean sniffs with eyes closed) You smell that? Lemongrass… aromatic basil… ginger, combined with lime juice. It reminds you of a delicious Thai curry. But you know what else is in that bottle? Carolina Reapers. And that reminds you that you are in the back half of the Season 11 Lineup and the kid gloves are off.”

Pepper North Stargazer Hot Sauce

“Moving on to number seven, we take a trip to Ontario. This is Pepper North Stargazer, a diabolical blend of Ghost peppers, Scotch Bonnets and Jalapenos; snapped into focus by citrus, chipotle, and a touch of maple sweetness. Shoutout to Canada, shoutout to Matty Matheson, shoutout world peace.”

Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

“In the number eight spot it is the longest tenured hot sauce in Hot Ones history – ten straight seasons – and continuing its Cal Ripkin Jr-like iron man streak, it is Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity. Da’ Bomb is the hot sauce that needs no introduction if you’ve been watching us for any amount of time. If you’re new here, check out the comp video that we put out a couple of weeks ago. Colin made it. Shoutout Colin Higgins. Da’ Bomb forever in the eighth spot, or at least it still is. It still is. It is still here baby. Shoutout Tom Brady.”

Dingo Sauce Co. Widow Maker Hot Sauce

“Another thing you know if you watch this show is that we like to save a space on our gauntlet for our friends Down Under, and at number nine it’s Dingo Sauce Co’s Widow Maker. All you need to know about this sauce is that it features six super spicy strains packed into one and designed to punch you right in the mouth. Jab, jab, right hook. Left hook. Upper cut. Haymaker. Widow Maker.”

Hot Ones The Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce

“Bringin’ up the caboose and then lettin’ it loose, it’s your fave in the ten spot, The Last Dab XXX. Remove your caps for Smokin’ Ed Currie. Salute to Pepper X and let’s give a special ovation to our Season 11 Hot Ones hot sauce lineup.”

The Scoville Heat ratings (SHU) of the new Season 11 sauces have just been announced and are set out in the table below.

Hot Ones Hot Sauces Season 11

#Hot SauceScoville Rating (SHU)
1Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce1,800
2Cantina Royal Tamaulipeka Hot Sauce4,200
3Fiji Fire Native Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce14,300
4Double Take Salsa Co. Scotch Bonnet Mustard Hot Sauce37,000
5Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo Hot Sauce49,000
6Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Hot Thai Green Hot Sauce74,000
7Pepper North Stargazer Hot Sauce118,000
8Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce135,600
9Dingo Sauce Co. Widow Maker Hot Sauce682,000
10Hot Ones The Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce2,000,000+

Watch the full Hot Ones Season 11 Lineup reveal episode on YouTube below:

Sean Evans Reveals the Hot Ones Season 11 Hot Sauce Lineup

It looks like it’s going to be a fiery start to 2020 with the all-new lineup of hot sauces locked and loaded and ready to be unleashed on some new celebrity guests. Put on your heat resistant gloves folks, things are going to get ugly starting 6 February. Be sure to tune in and witness the spectacle for yourself.

Check out Sauce Mania’s selection of hot sauces featured on Hot Ones here.

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