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Jak Jeckel’s Range of Flavour Forward, Vinegar Free Pepper Sauces.

If you’re tired of hot sauces that are just vinegar and super hot chilli peppers then Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce is going to be a breath of fresh air. Quite simply, they believe in creating rich, complex, flavour first pepper sauces that enhance the flavour of your food rather than overpower it with blistering heat.

The co-owners of Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce, Aaron Mulka and Christopher Bower, are based in the foodie city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and come from a craft beer background. In their own words, “We love food, hot sauce, and beer. It’s that simple.”

The story of how they got started in the hot sauce business goes back to 2010. As they explored the world of hot sauces at that time, they could never quite mange to find the flavours and heat levels they were looking for. The hot sauces they were eagerly seeking eluded them, so they began experimenting with their own homemade recipes despite having no culinary experience whatsoever. They initially spent about a year throwing a variety of ingredients that they liked into a blender, trying to hit upon something that worked. They left a trail of broken down blenders and juicers in their wake before eventually managing to create a medium heat chipotle sauce without any vinegar that they were happy with.

Realising very quickly that there were no brands currently on the market that offered hot sauces without vinegar, it wasn’t long before Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce was born. Aaron and Christopher decided that their point of difference in the marketplace would be to produce a range of pepper sauces that were vinegar free and that provided a true gourmet flavour experience without the scorched taste buds.

Jak Jackel still consider themselves to be a “small batch” hot sauce producer. They bottle, label and distribute everything themselves out of a commercial kitchen in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and create and control all their own graphics, labels and marketing.

Jak Jeckel’s most popular sauce by a sizeable margin is their flagship Gourmet Pepper Sauce. However their other sauces, such as Pineapple Dreamin’, Red Sol, Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon, Detroit Style Coney Sauce, Red Grams Raspberry Butterscotch Mustard and their fiery bacon sauce Tocino de Fuego are also quickly becoming favourites and hot sellers.

Watch Johnny Scoville from Chase The Heat review Jak Jeckel’s Pineapple Dreamin’ sauce.

As a way of giving back to those who serve their country in the United States Military, Jak Jeckel participate in the Hot Sauce From Home program. Family and friends of a serving member of the military stationed away from home can send them a care package of Jak Jeckel pepper sauces and Jak Jeckel will cover 100% of the postage. With a long bloodline of military members from all branches, Jak Jeckel are committed to supporting those serving and they have sent packages to Afghanistan, Japan, Italy, Korea and all over the United States to military addresses.

You can check out the entire Jak Jackel range of gourmet pepper sauces here and purchase a few to try for yourself. We’re certain you’re going to love them.

Update May 2021: Sadly, we have recently learned that the Jak Jeckel hot sauce business has now closed down and these sauces will unfortunately no longer be available. 🙁

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