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Hellfire Hot Sauce are not only known for their sauces but also the great art on the bottles.

Hellfire Hot Sauce is a legend in the hot sauce business with a range of fiery but flavoursome all-natural hot sauces that are famous not just for the powerful heat and depth of flavour that they contain but their frighteningly vivid and nightmarish labels most recently created by talented graphic artist Buddy Sypeck.

The Hellfire motto is “Setting the World on fire with flavour one Bottle at a Time!” and they have certainly done their best to live up to it.

The company was founded in 2009 by Merle and Diana in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin as a way to share their love of the fresh chiles that they cultivated with other chile lovers around the world. Their goal was to create a range of all-natural hot sauces with a focus on both flavour and heat.

Merle is known as “The Chilimaster” and Diana as “The Sauceress” and their renowned hot sauces have their origins in Merle’s thirty years of experience in growing peppers. He uses his deep understanding of the various chile flavour profiles and combines them with other all-natural ingredients to create unique and distinctive sauces that are overflowing with flavour but also loaded with enough heat to satisfy even the most devoted chilehead.

Not only are the sauces all-natural, but the peppers used to make them are sourced from organic growers who use little to no sodium in their pepper mashes, making Hellfire’s sauces some of the lowest sodium sauces on the market, as well as among the healthiest.

Hellfire Hot Sauce are noted for the awards they have won and the frequency with which they are featured in the media.

Their first award was the coveted Lenny Award back in 2010 for the reviewers product line of the year.

Since then Hellfire have also won awards at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, The Scovie Awards, The Fiery Food Challenge, the World Hot Sauce Awards, the Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival, Cajun Hot Sauce Festival, Houston Hot Sauce Festival, The International Flavor Awards, and The Hot Peppers Awards.

They have also have been featured in such well-known publications such as Maxim Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Chile Pepper Magazine, Tailgater Magazine, Bon Appetit Magazine, on the websites,, and the Huffington Post, and on TV on The Today Show and The Cooking Channel.

As art collectors themselves, Merle and Diana are committed to making the coolest and most distinctive hot sauce collectables and merchandise in the world. Their aim is not just to bring amazing hot sauce to people across the globe, but also great art.

Each year since 2009 they have created a Halloween Hell art bottle along with a yearly Prestige art bottle. These limited edition bottles are highly sought after by collectors and sell out quickly after each release. The unique and celebrated artwork on their labels has seen Hellfire Hot Sauce referred to as the “Iron Maiden of Hot Sauce”.

Brand Profile: Hellfire Hot Sauce 2
Hellfire Hot Sauce’s Limited Edition Halloween Hell 2016.

At Sauce Mania, we do our best to keep the Hellfire Hot Sauce range in stock despite the popularity of their sauces. Be sure to have a look at what we currently have available and pick up a bottle or two.

Hellfire say that they provide chileheads with “all the heat they need and all the flavour they want”. Why not put them to the test and see if they deliver the goods. We think once you try them, you’re sure to become a fan.

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