Hot Ones Season 13 Lineup

Hot Ones Season 13 Hot Sauce Lineup Revealed

The Hot Ones Season 13 Hot Sauce Lineup (minus Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity) Almost immediately after the end of Season 12, Sean Evans has announced the hot sauce lineup for Hot Ones Season 13. Out with the old, in with the new. No time to waste. The new season of Hot Ones is coming very soon. Season 13 brings a few surprises, with the biggest being the introducti...

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Hot Ones Season 12 Lineup

Hot Ones Season 12 Hot Sauce Lineup Revealed

The Hot Ones Season 12 Hot Sauce Lineup (minus Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity) Sean Evans has just revealed the Hot Ones Season 12 hot sauce lineup and this season it features two hot sauce bottles with the Grim Reaper raising his sickle. A very ominous sign indeed. The dreaded Carolina Reaper is set to torture some new celebrities in the very near future. Season 12...

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Torchbearer Sauces

Brand Profile: Torchbearer Sauces

Torchbearer Sauces Torchbearer Sauces are one of the world's most widely recognised brands of hot sauces, BBQ sauce and wing sauces due to their reputation for producing some of the hottest, most delicious all-natural hot sauces on the market. Not to mention that four of their sauces have featured on various seasons of First We Feast's incredibly popular YouTube series, Hot Ones. The thr...

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Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce

Brand Profile: Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce

Jak Jeckel's Range of Flavour Forward, Vinegar Free Pepper Sauces. If you're tired of hot sauces that are just vinegar and super hot chilli peppers then Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce is going to be a breath of fresh air. Quite simply, they believe in creating rich, complex, flavour first pepper sauces that enhance the flavour of your food rather than overpower it with blistering heat.

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Hot Ones Season 11 Hot Sauces

Hot Ones Season 11 Hot Sauce Lineup Revealed

The Hot Ones Season 11 Hot Sauce Lineup Sean Evans has revealed the Hot Ones Season 11 Lineup of hot sauces to be featured in the new season of Hot Ones scheduled to begin on Thursday, 6 February. Unlike last season when Hot Ones featured hot sauces from some of their favourite hot sauce makers from previous Hot Ones seasons, in 2020 they're bringing some new...

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Clark & Hopkins Hot Sauce

Brand Profile: Clark & Hopkins

Clark & Hopkins Range of Artisan Pepper Sauces Clark & Hopkins is hands down one of the most unique hot sauce companies out there, and their amazing sauces are equally as unique. Unlike most hot sauce companies, which produce hot sauces containing mostly predictable flavour profiles, Clark & Hopkins have a purpose unlike any of the others: to showcase the regional flavours of the world and bri...

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Butterfly Bakery of Vermont

Brand Profile: Butterfly Bakery of Vermont

Butterfly Bakery of Vermont's Range of Unique Small Batch Gourmet Hot Sauces Butterfly Bakery of Vermont was established by Claire Georges in 2003 as a part time venture baking cookies after hours for local businesses. In the years that followed the business slowly grew as demand for her baked goods increased and it was eventually necessary to find a permanent home for the business. In 2007 Claire moved into premises on Barr...

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Hellfire Hot Sauce

Brand Profile: Hellfire Hot Sauce

Hellfire Hot Sauce are not only known for their sauces but also the great art on the bottles. Hellfire Hot Sauce is a legend in the hot sauce business with a range of fiery but flavoursome all-natural hot sauces that are famous not just for the powerful heat and depth of flavour that they contain but their frighteningly vivid and nightmarish labels most recently created by talented graphic artist Buddy Sypeck.

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Hot Ones Hot Sauces

A Complete List of Hot Ones Hot Sauces

Sean Evans, host of First We Feast's popular YouTube web series Hot Ones. Hot Ones is a YouTube sensation that has taken the internet by storm. It is produced by First We Feast and Complex Media and is hosted by Sean Evans. First debuting in March 2015 the show's format consists of host Sean Evans interviewing a celebrity guest while both eat 10 chicken wings, ea...

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