That’s right folks, it’s that time again. Time for a brand new season of Hot Ones and time for a new lineup of Hot Ones hot sauces.

Season 16 of Hot Ones is just around the corner, so it’s time to get familiar with the front end hot sauces that will be luring all the new celebrity guests into a false sense of security, and the back end hot sauces that will be making them wish they never agreed to appear on Hot Ones in the first place. Ouch!

This is what Sean had to say about the sauces in the Hot Ones Season 16 hot sauce lineup:

“After a banner back to studio season, we are out with the old and in with the new. It is the brand new, Season 16 Hot Ones Hot Sauce Lineup. We have our woodwinds, we have our brass, we have our strings, we have our percussion… and they all work together to make a beautiful hot sauce symphony.”

Hot Ones The Classic Garlic Fresno Hot Sauce

“And let me tell you something, Hot Ones fans, they’re nothing if not persistent. And guess what? All of your phone calls, all of your emails, all of your DMs to Heatonist, they have not gone in vain. Because we are back in the lead off spot with the Hot Ones Classic Blue label. For the uninitiated that means The Classic re-imagined with extra garlic ooomph and Smokin’ Ed’s Fresno chillies, Chef’s Kiss.”

Yellowbird Bliss & Vinegar Hot Sauce

“Now you can see in the two spot we have Yellowbird Bliss & Vinegar. Let me tell you a quick story about Yellowbird. So years ago, I was at a Mexican restaurant, I saw this squeeze bottle technology right on the table, put it on my burrito – it was Yellowbird’s habanero sauce. One of the best hot sauces that I’ve ever had in my life, so I’m excited to welcome Yellowbird to the table. Bliss & Vinegar, as you know… front half, we’re not trying to smoke out anybody’s taste buds. This is just a nice, chill hot sauce. Yellowbird is out of Austin, Texas. Gets the hot sauce symphony going with one of the most unique ingredient lists we’ve ever seen. Strawberry, check. Coconut, check. And then somehow it has this little hint of vinegar that just works magic on wings. Yellowbird, (throws imaginary basketball) bottom of the net.”

Hoff & Pepper Hoff’s House Sauce Hot Sauce

“Alright, moving on, we have Hoff’s House Sauce. Straight out of Chattanooga, Hoff & Pepper takes it to the house with this smoky sweet blend of mustard, chipotle, red jalapeno and habanero peppers. If Oktoberfest meets southern barbecue is your idyllic Autumn hot sauce then this one right here, that’s the sauce for you.”

Hot Ones Los Calientes Verde Hot Sauce

“Alright, mixing things up with The Classic, but keeping it OG in the four spot Los Calientes Verde. Tomatillos, smoked Serrano, apricot, you know it, you love it. Los Calientes Verde. The sauce of summer, all year long.”

Hot Heads Official Revolutionary Hot Sauce

“Alright, we have a newcomer to the tablecloth here, in the five spot, it’s Hot Heads Official Revolutionary. This sauce may be from Pensylvannia but it brings the Buffalo sauce vibes with some heat from Scorpion peppers. Fire roasted Bell peppers and then an unmistakable tang that would make cameraguy Bill and the rest of Buffalo proud.”

Señor Lechuga .718 Hot Sauce

“Moving on to the six spot we have Señor Lechuga. Out of Brooklyn, New York it’s all about the ingredients with this one. Sour black lime and buffalo ginger mixed up with Guajillo and Pasilla peppers. It leads in nicely and then… BAM! Hits with the ghost pepper, takes you by surprise, let’s you know… hey, it’s the back half and it’s too late to tell your publicist no.”

Chile Lengua De Fuego Bhutila Fire Hot Sauce

“And then… we crank things up even more here in the seven spot. Chile Lengua De Fuego Bhutila Fire. I love a hot sauce lineup first, and this one’s an exciting one. This is our first ever hot sauce from Honduras. It’s got smoked Scotch Bonnet, Chocolate Ghost peppers, and let me tell you something, just like the name implies, it absolutely sets your tongue on fire…”

Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

“Only to have it numbed out by trusty old number eight. This is my sixteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth hot sauce reveal? Old trusty, been around for most of them. Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity, we’ve all been through enough uncertainty this year. We need at least one thing we can count on. And that’s this… Da’ Bomb in the eight spot. It’s been called poison. It’s been called The Devil’s snack. As Elizabeth Olsen would say, “I don’t like it!” But it’s here, and it’s here to stay.”

Hellfire Hot Sauce Kranked Hot Sauce

“And then bridging the gap between pain, and more pain, we have another sauce from Hellfire. Hellfire Kranked… you know them for their heavy metal labels and insanely hot sauces… and this one is no different. Cranking up the heat, and the flavour, to eleven with black garlic, curry, and then of course… Carolina Reapers.”

Hot Ones The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce

“And there she is, the Gold Label. Apollo, to close things out. “Why you shakin that bottle? Why you shakin’ that bottle?” The Last Dab Apollo, packed with peppers straight from the diabolical fields of Smokin’ Ed Currie. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but if I were you, I would do it.”

“Alright, well here it is. It’s the Season 16 Lineup. from personal favourites, to classic labels, to newcomers to the table. They’re all here and I’m so proud of it. An amazing collection of colours, labels, sauces, from all over the place. It’s the Season 16 Lineup in all of its beautiful glory. What a sight to behold!”

Hot Ones Hot Sauces Season 16

#Hot SauceScoville Rating (SHU)
1Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce1,700
2Yellowbird Bliss & Vinegar Hot Sauce6,200
3Hoff & Pepper Hoff's House Sauce Hot Sauce14,500
4Hot Ones Los Calientes Verde Hot Sauce36,000
5Hot Heads Official Revolutionary Hot Sauce57,000
6Señor Lechuga .718 Hot Sauce67,000
7Chile Lengua De Fuego Bhutila Fire Hot Sauce 118,000
8Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce135,600
9Hellfire Hot Sauce Kranked Hot Sauce699,000
10Hot Ones The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce2,000,000+

Watch the full Hot Ones Season 16 Hot Sauce Lineup reveal episode on YouTube below:

The first episode of Hot Ones Season 16 kicks off on Thursday, September 23 with a VERY special celebrity guest to be the first of the new season to take on the infamous Wings of Death! Don’t miss it Hot Ones fans. Be sure to tune in and enjoy the mayhem!

You can check out Sauce Mania’s selection of hot sauces featured on Hot Ones here.

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