Hot Ones Season 15 Hot Sauce Lineup Revealed 1
The Hot Ones Season 15 Hot Sauce Lineup

Welcome back, baby! Yes, it’s that time again. Time for a new series of Hot Ones and time for a new lineup of celebrity guests to feel the pain of the infamous Wings of Death.

In a just released YouTube video, Hot Ones host Sean Evans has revealed the Season 15 hot sauce lineup, but that’s not the only thing he’s revealed. He has also let Hot Ones fans know that the upcoming Season 15 episodes will be back in the studio where they belong. The classic look and feel of Hot Ones is finally back!

This is what Sean had to say about the sauces in the Hot Ones Season 15 hot sauce lineup:

“And when you have a new season, you have to have new sauces, so here they are. Our ten sauces for Season 15. Back in the studio. Back to work. And here are our heroes.”

Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce

“In the lead off spot, The Classic. What can I say about this sauce that hasn’t already been said? It’s a Ricky Henderson, or Ichiro Suzuki, or Lou Brock, or Tim Anderson. If there’s a better lead off hot sauce, I have not tried it. The Classic, it stays at number one.”

Savir Foods Jala Pepa Hot Sauce

“…and then, at number two. We go from red to green courtesy of a newcomer to the Hot Ones family, Jala Pepa. Chef Jose Rivas channels the flavours of Peru to create this mild and tangy sauce. It combines Jalapenos and Aji Amarillo Peppers, it’s absolutely delicious.”

Cantina Royal Tomasa Spicy Habanero & Manzano Chile Hot Sauce

“And then from red, to green, to black. Expect the unexpected here at Hot Ones, and that goes for our number three sauce, Cantina Royale’s Tomasa. You may recognise Cantina Royal from Season 11 with Tamaulipeka. Chef Julio – he’s back – this time with a sauce that’s a mix of smoke, garlic, Manzano chilies. Think of it almost like a spicy chicken garlic bread. If that sounds good to you, the Tomasa’s the sauce for you.”

Hot Ones Los Calientes Barbacoa Hot Sauce

“And then at number four Hot Ones fans, I know that this is the one you keyed on right away. That familiar ombre bottle in a different hue, introducing the brand new Los Calientes Barbacoa. Paying homage to the ancestral roots of barbeque, this sauce right here, it’s a remix of a remix of the sauce of summer. You have chipotle, lime, an extra hit of roasted garlic, it really does balance that smokey and sweet in the perfect way. Unofficially, it’s the official sauce of grilling and chilling.,, to get your hands on Los Calientes Barbacoa.”

The Original Goat Ginger Goat Hot Sauce

“And if we’ve moved Los Calientes to number four, you know what that means. It means that we have a new number five. And we travelled all the way to Ontario, Canada for our new midway sauce. It is, The Ginger Goat. The Original Goat’s Ginger Goat sauce lives up to its name with a roundhouse kick of ginger plus sweet smoked pineapple… and then you have the slow burn of Carolina Reapers. That’s right, we have Carolina Reapers in the five spot. That’s how we’re doing it in Season 15, taking no prisoners. And now it’s on to the back half…”

High Desert Sauce Co. Tikk-Hot Masala Hot Sauce

“And here at number six, High Desert Tikk-Hot Masala out of Arizona may be one of the most unique sauces we’ve ever had on the show. Garam Masala spices, whipped coconut milk and then some fire roasted tomatoes. Basically turn a chicken wing into a curry with a quick toss, and then that blend of Ghost and Reaper peppers, it really should hit guests about half way through their answer to hard hitting Hot Ones questions such as, like, for example, ‘Are memes art?'”

Hotter Than El Love Burns Hot Sauce

“Alright, onto number seven, it’s a familiar maker. You may remember Hotter Than El’s Ghost Sauce from Season 12. Now the Jacksonville based sauce maker is back and cranking things up with Love Burns. A vinegar forward, peppery heater with garlic and lime, and then of course…”

Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

“In the eight spot, to borrow a phrase from Theo Von… ‘get that hitter boy!’ Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity, a sauce whose reputation looms larger than Hot Ones itself holds it down in the eight spot yet again. The heavyweight champ, the best there ever was, the GOAT, the legacy lives on.”

Karma Sauce Scorpion Disco Hot Sauce

“And then at number nine, get your dancing shoes on ‘cos we’re going to the disco. The Scorpion Disco from Karma Sauce. Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost, Chocolate Habanero, 7-Pot Primo – it is a pepper party and you are invited.”

Hot Ones The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce

“And then, here it is, finally. We’ve made it to the finish line, The Last Dab, the gold label, the Apollo, the top of spice mountain. It’s the pièce de résistance, the only sauce in the world with Smokin’ Ed’s Apollo pepper. By far, the hottest Dab we’ve ever created. Fresh peppers, dried peppers, pepper oil; you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but… everybody kind of does.”

“Alright, and there you have it, it is the Season 15 hot sauce lineup. If I do say so myself, from the labels to the colours, to the way that it all blends together perhaps, to the eyeball test, the most magnificent hot sauce lineup that we’ve ever made… and it does bring the heat!”

Hot Ones Hot Sauces Season 15

#Hot SauceScoville Rating (SHU)
1Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce1,800
2Savir Foods Jala Pepa Hot Sauce4,000
3Cantina Royal Tomasa Spicy Habanero & Manzano Chile Hot Sauce18,000
4Hot Ones Los Calientes Barbacoa Hot Sauce33,000
5The Original Goat Ginger Goat Hot Sauce55,000
6High Desert Sauce Co. Tikk-Hot Masala Hot Sauce72,000
7Hotter Than El Love Burns Hot Sauce 101,000
8Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce135,600
9Karma Sauce Scorpion Disco Hot Sauce649,000
10Hot Ones The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce2,000,000+

Watch the full Hot Ones Season 15 Hot Sauce Lineup reveal episode on YouTube below:

Hot Ones Season 15 kicks off on Thursday, May 27 with the first celebrity guest of the new season to take on the Wings of Death! Don’t miss it Hot Ones fans, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

You can check out Sauce Mania’s selection of hot sauces featured on Hot Ones here.

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