With the year rapidly coming to an end, it’s time for one more season of Hot Ones before we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the new year. Season 22 promises to be a memorable Hot Ones season with some familiar sauce makers in the lineup and some exciting newcomers making their first ever appearance. In the words of Sean Evans, “As always we have a collection of indie sauce makers who not only make delicious hot sauces but are also an amazing, tight-knit group of people.

Here’s the low down on all the Season 22 hot sauces:

Hot Ones Original Buffalo Hot Sauce

It’s time to introduce you to my ten new best friends, the Season 22 lineup. And we begin with a historic moment in Hot Ones history… our first ever Buffalo sauce. We knew that if we were going to make a buffalo sauce it had to be something truly special and something that would get the seal of approval from our own Buffalonian Cameraguy Bill. It’s mild, it’s tangy, it’s made with aged cayenne and real butter. That’s right, you heard me right, no melting, no mixing reqired… it’s all right here in the sauce and we present it to the patheon of great Buffalo sauces in history. Salute to the OGs of Buffalo. Grab a bottle, let us know what you think…

Angry Goat Blistered Shishito & Garlic Hot Sauce

…and now it’s time to move on to sauce number two. In the number two spot our friends at Angry Goat in Vermont are back with the sauce that brings the cripsy, charred flavour of Shishito peppers and blends it with savoury garlic. Whenever you order Shishito peppers at a restaurant they’re always those random ones that are extra spicy, so in the number two sauce you can expect the unexpected. With this one you never know what you’re gonna get.

Pisqueya Spicy Sweet Passion Fruit Hot Sauce

Alright, moving on to sauce number three. Introducing a brand new member of the Hot Ones family, Pisqueya here in the number three spot. The flavour profile is inspired by founder and maker Maritza Abreu’s Dominican roots. Caribbean grown passion fruit is the star of the show but then you have this chilli heat that rounds out the whole tropical three spot experience. And then moving on to sauce number four…

Hot Ones Los Calientes Barbacoa Hot Sauce

Summer may be behind us but it ushers in a season of tailgating. So, the official sauce of grilling and chilling takes over number four. If it’s anything like last year those deep smoky notes of chipotle may be all that can comfort me through another bear season, but not this time around baby. It is gonna be the taste of victory all season long. The bears, going all the way, and fuelling me through it all… Hot Ones Barbacoa.

Djablo Filipino Hot Sauce with a Punch

Alright, moving on to sauce number five and what I have to say in all of my years of doing this show… just my favourite sauce to look at through the glass bottle. It’s absolutely gorgeous, like a work of art, like the surface of Jupiter. Say “hello” number five, Djablo. The Djablo power jab delivers a pep, pep, pep punch to the face of Serrano peppers, Thai chilli flakes and dried Scorpion peppers, plus powerful Filipino flavours with aromatics like ginger and garlic. They all come together to make a sauce that tastes just as good as it looks and with this one, that’s saying something.

Marshall’s Haute Sauce Whiskey Smoked Ghost Hot Sauce

*Sean sniffs several times as if smelling something* You guys pickin’ that up? Did Dave Grohl just walk back in the studio? I’m catching hints of Whiskey. Oh! You know what? That’s actually just our sauce to kick off the back half. At number six we have a Whiskey infused hot sauce. In at number six it’s Whiskey Smoked Ghost, the brainchild of Sarah Marshall who showcases her dedication to craft ingredients. It’s a sweet and smoky sauce featuring whiskey, white balsamic, date syrup, and yeah, of course, ghost pepper to really kick up the heat here to kick things off in the back half…

Ginger Goat Tropic Star Hot Sauce

…and then moving on to number seven, another familiar face with Ginger Goat. Ginger Goat’s Tropic Star lights up your tastebuds with tart mango, citrusy lemongrass and the subtle sweetness of star anise. Shout out to our pals at Ginger Goat, a legend of the Hot Ones Season 15 Lineup and primed to achieve their own version of GOAT status with their return to the table here in Season 22.

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

And speaking of sauces that make the return again, and again, and again… and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again (Sean says “and again” faster and faster). Da Bomb at number eight. If there’s one thing that you can count on in a forever changing and uncertain world its that Da Bomb will hold onto its eight spot and here it is in Season 22 once again. Da Bomb Beyond Insanity.

Dawson’s Zuzu’s 7-Pot Hot Sauce

And then, following that up, in the wake of the fallout from Da Bomb we have Dawson’s, another familiar face, to encore. It’s never easy to follow Da Bomb but Zuzu’s 7-Pot from Dawson’s does its damndest. The 7 Pot peppers in this sauce just provide a head banging heat, a beautiful colour, but do not be confused, an absolutely brutal hot sauce.

Hot Ones The Last Dab Experience Hot Sauce

And moving on to number ten, it’s a historic lineup here in Season 22, and we’e bookending with two brand new hot sauces, say hello to The Last Dab Experience. Behold The Expereince. They said it couldn’t be done, perhaps it shouldn’t have been done, but we’ve raised the peak of Mount Scoville to towering new heights thanks to Smokin Ed Curries diabolical machination. Ed’s worked his magic to distill the power of PepperX into a brand new sauce, one that is 91% PepperX. It is pure PepperX, straight to the dome, a complete mind, body and soul takeover, the hottest Last Dab we have ever made. Take on The Experience, but only if you dare.

And there you have it. It’s another Hot Ones hot sauce symphony. Call us the show pen of chilies.

Hot Ones Hot Sauces Season 22

#Hot SauceScoville Rating (SHU)
1Hot Ones Original Buffalo Hot Sauce1,800
2Angry Goat Blistered Shishito & Garlic Hot Sauce5,800
3Pisqueya Spicy Sweet Passion Fruit Hot Sauce16,000
4Hot Ones Los Calientes Barbacoa Hot Sauce33,000
5Djablo Filipino Hot Sauce with a Punch55,000
6Marshall's Haute Sauce Whiskey Smoked Ghost Hot Sauce71,000
7Ginger Goat Tropic Star Hot Sauce110,000
8Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce135,600
9Dawson's Zuzu's 7-Pot Hot Sauce620,000
10Hot Ones The Last Dab Xperience Hot Sauce2,693,000

Watch the full Hot Ones Season 22 Hot Sauce Lineup reveal episode on YouTube below:

The first episode of Hot Ones Season 22 premieres next Thursday, September 21. It’s the last season of Hot Ones this year so don’t miss it. Who will the first celebrity guest of Season 22 be? Tune in next Thursday to find out.

As always, you can check out Sauce Mania’s selection of hot sauces featured on Hot Ones here.

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