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The Hot Ones Season 13 Hot Sauce Lineup (minus Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity)

Almost immediately after the end of Season 12, Sean Evans has announced the hot sauce lineup for Hot Ones Season 13. Out with the old, in with the new. No time to waste. The new season of Hot Ones is coming very soon.

Season 13 brings a few surprises, with the biggest being the introduction of a brand new Last Dab. That’s right, the hottest sauce in the Hot Ones lineup has been tweaked and reformulated and made even hotter! Just when you thought the pain was as bad as it is going to get, the folks at Hot Ones dial it up a few extra notches and increase the suffering even more.

Below we list all the hot sauces featured in the upcoming Season 13 of Hot Ones, along with Sean Evans’ comments about each sauce:

Hot Ones The Classic Garlic Fresno Hot Sauce

“It all starts with the familiar friend, The Classic Garlic Fresno Edition in the lead off spot. The Blue Label combines sweet and earthy Fresno chillies with ten times the garlic flavour of the original. It’s a table sauce that goes with everything, it’s just everything that you want in that first wing sauce.”

Dawson’s Shawarma Sauce

“And then at number two, Dawson’s is back with the Shawarma Sauce. For Season 13 our friends at Dawson’s created this deep flavour sauce, loaded with garlic and spices. It has this rich olive oil base. It is almost too tasty there in the number two spot.”

Shaquanda’s West Indian Curry Hot Sauce

“And then moving on to number three, Shaquanda’s is back this time with the West Indian Curry. Everyone’s favourite hot sauce Queen is back with a new Caribbean classic. The recipe features fruity Scotch Bonnet peppers and West Indian spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, thyme, allspice. Shaquanda’s, killin’ the game as always.”

Angry Goat Pepper Co. Goat Rider Hot Sauce

“Then at the number four spot, my favourite name of the season, it is Angry Goat Pepper Company’s Goat Rider. A tangy blend of balsamic vinegar and cayenne peppers blended with roasted red pepper and a big hit of Vermont maple syrup for sweetness. And then, just a little kiss of ghost pepper to give it that pop. We like a little pop here on wing number four. Chris Schonberger described this sauce as the country club salad dressing of hot sauces. I don’t know what that means, but I’m pretty sure I agree.”

Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo Hot Sauce

“Alright, moving on to number five. You know it, you love it, it’s Los Calientes Rojo. Rojo, Rojo… you gotta roll that R. Applewood smoked red jalapenos bring the sweet, while a blast of citrus and a handful of habaneros bring the heat. The perfect sauce for crusin’ through ‘grams.”

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Scorpion Hot Sauce

“Alright, you know I missed it. We got squeeze bottle technology over here at number six. The Heartbeat crew is back for Season 13 with the hottest sauce they have ever made. It’s Heartbeat Hot Sauce’s Scorpion. This sauce is made with the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper so lots of heat up front. But then it’s balanced out with lime, chipotle, beets, gives it that delicate, intricate flavour profile that we’ve come to know and expect from our friends at Heatbeat.”

Hellfire Detroit Bourbon Habanero Ghost Hot Sauce

“And then moving on to the seven spot, Hellfire Detroit, we are back and we are booze infused. At number seven it’s Hellfire Detroit’s Bourbon Habanero Ghost, and how about this for a flavour profile? Tangy apple cider vinegar, oaky bourbon, fire roasted habaneros, smoked ghost peppers, it is the perfect dog leg for a back nine…”

Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

“…until you hit a wall here at number eight, Da’ Bomb maintains its legacy position. I don’t know how many years I’ve been staring at the back of this bottle but it’s been quite a few, and I don’t expect things to change. Maybe some day they will, maybe some day they won’t. Da’ Bomb, the crafty old vet in our lineup that’s been here for years, and will likely be here for years to come. I have no plans to replace it. I do not want your angry fan mail please. I do not want the smoke, I do not want the smoke. Da’ Bomb, maintains its spot in the eight hole.”

Puckerbutt Pepper Company Chipotle Express Hot Sauce

“But… we have something very exciting, something new, here in the nine spot. It’s Puckerbutt Pepper Company Chipotle Express. You know Pepper X from The Last Dab, King of the Hill since 2017, so what the hell is it doing here in the nine spot? Our friend Smokin’ Ed Currie needed another Frankenstein project, and here it is, the Chipotle Express. He uses his infamous Pepper X, but pairs it with chipotles, lime, honey, it has this intense building heat that will make smoke come out of your ears.”

The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce

“And that leads us to the ten spot. I know you’ve been eyeing it since the beginning of the reveal. It is a brand new Last Dab. Everyone, please meet Last Dab… Apollo! With Pepper X moving down to number nine we have a new highest peak atop Mount Scoville. Introducing the Last Dab Apollo, the only sauce in the world with the Apollo Pepper. It is the newest, most delicious but most ferocious pepper yet from our favourite mad scientist Smokin’ Ed Currie. And I’ll say this about The Last Dab Apollo, it is by far the hottest Last Dab that we have ever made. I remember when we were trying it out the first time, Chris Schonberger, just tears coming down his face, worried about putting it on the show. Maybe it’s too hot for the show? Maybe it’s too hot for celebrities? I guess only time will tell. It’ll be available first in the October subscription box, and then more widely available later in October. Hot Ones The Last Dab Apollo (kisses bottle), welcome to the family. Look at that beautiful gold label right there. Go on, punch in that one just a little bit. Hit me one time, hit me one time. Puttin’ pressure on Bill. Nailed it.”

“And there ya have it. Season 13 The Hot Ones hot sauce lineup. And we will be putting these bad boys to the test on October 1st. That’s right, Hot Ones rides again. Next week, very short break. I’ve missed your faces, way too much. We’ll see you next week Hot Ones fans.”

Hot Ones Hot Sauces Season 13

#Hot SauceScoville Rating (SHU)
1Hot Ones The Classic Garlic Fresno Hot Sauce1,700
2Dawson’s Shawarma Sauce4,200
3Shaquanda’s West Indian Curry Hot Sauce14,000
4Angry Goat Pepper Co. Goat Rider Hot Sauce43,500
5Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo Hot Sauce49,000
6Heartbeat Hot Sauce Scorpion Hot Sauce66,000
7Hellfire Detroit Bourbon Habanero Ghost Hot Sauce89,000
8Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce135,600
9Puckerbutt Pepper Company Chipotle Express Hot Sauce669,000
10Hot Ones The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce2,000,000+

With some familiar faces in the Season 13 lineup and a brand new Last Dab that ratchets up the pain even more with the new Apollo pepper, the upcoming season of Hot Ones is set to be one of the most interesting in some time. Be sure to tune in on October 1st to see what the first episode has in store.

Watch the full Hot Ones Season 13 Hot Sauce Lineup reveal episode on YouTube below:

Sean Evans Reveals the Hot Ones Season 13 Hot Sauce Lineup

Only a week to go until the first episode of Hot Ones Season 13 airs. Who will be the first celebrity guest of the new season? How will they cope with the The Last Dab Apollo? In just one week from now all your questions will be answered.

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