About 25 years ago Crazy Jerry made an oyster, clam and “everything else” sauce for him to put on oysters. Later in 1988, a friend and restaurant owner that served fresh oysters asked Jerry if he would bottle the sauce for a trial period at his place of business. Jerry and his wife, Betty, made up 15 samples, hand-wrote the labels, taped them on the bottles and delivered them to their friend. As Jerry tells it, “About four days later David, my buddy, called me and told me that we had a problem…”.

As Jerry eloquently puts it: “My initial thought was – my God we killed somebody!” but luckily the only problem was that people had stolen every bottle off the tables. The couple made more sauce and continued to supply the restaurant for about six months. The reaction was much the same in popularity and loss by customer’s requisitioning the product from the restaurant.

Betty’s concern over Jerry’s business building thoughts as related by Jerry: “Once we figured out we had a product that people liked, I asked Betty if we should start our own sauce company to which she said: “You’re Crazy”. So now you know how Crazy Jerry’s Inc. was formed. The company was started in January of 1990 and has approximately 46 hot sauce, soup, and dipping products.

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