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Bravado Spice Co. Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce 148ml


Chilli Seed Bank Berry Bomb Chilli Sauce 150ml


Elijah’s Xtreme Bourbon Blueberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce 355ml


Gods of Sauces The Demonic Asian Bloody Hot Sauce 150ml (Best By 18 August 2021)


Heartbeat Blueberry Habanero Hot Sauce 177ml


Heartbreaking Dawn’s 1498 Apricot & Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce 148ml


Heartbreaking Dawn’s Cauterizer Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce 148ml


Hell’s Kitchen Pepper Pastry Hot Sauce 148ml


Hellfire Blueberry Hell Hot Sauce 148ml


High River Sauces Grapes of Wrath Hot Sauce 145ml


High River Sauces Thunder Juice Tequila Infused Hot Sauce 148ml


Pepper North Blueberry Plague Hot Sauce 148ml


Pepplish Provisions Blueberry Basil Shallot Hot Sauce 148ml


Shaquanda’s Oooohmami Hot Pepper Sauce 150ml (Best by December 2020)


TABASCO Raspberry Chipotle Pepper Sauce 148ml


Uncle Mungo’s Blueberry Scorpion Hot Sauce 200ml